Selling A Home in Tennessee

It's a great time to be Listing a Home in Tennessee! Home values are on an upward trend, multiple offer situations are very common, and sellers are getting more money out of their homes than ever before. Like I said, it's a great time to SELL a home in Tennessee!

There's one secret that I want you to know before we get started on selling your home. What's the secret? The number one factor on a home selling is the PRICE! The right price can overcome any buyers objections. That's where we need to start, with the right price. Since I've been in real estate my listings have sold within 99.6% of the listing price. That's because I evaluate each home and determine how it fits into the current market. I seek out close comparables and see how we can get you the MOST MONEY possible for the Sale of Your Home. If that sounds good to you let's continue!

In order to properly evaluate your home we need to get together. Explore your house, it's features, it's positives and negatives and see how it compares to the other homes on the market. The best way to start the process is to fill out the questionnaire below. Tell me as much about your home as you can and we'll get together to talk about getting your home SOLD!

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